Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Chapter XVI: Satan

I remember my wife saying once: “I’m glad I was born a girl. Being a guy must be awful, with all the fighting and the need to show off all the time”. Even though I’m not going to agree with her, because I’m also pretty satisfied with my gender, I do understand those words. Every morning after waking up, we knew that there was a high chance that we were going to trade fists with some other kid at some point during that day. There was some sort of unspoken and unwritten hierarchy that every kid at school understood.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Chapter XV: Turrican II - The Final Fight

Last November I went to a concert. The band in question was Amorphis, in case you’re wondering. When I arrived at the venue I met an old acquaintance of mine, Mark Landmark. Mark is a guy I knew from college that I usually only meet at concerts, but it’s always a pleasure to talk to him after all this time. We have similar tastes in music and in games, so the conversation usually borders on these two topics. Eventually, but most of all inevitably, we started discussing Amiga games music and the usual suspects were mentioned like Apydia, Shadow of The Beast and Agony. The last game is of particularly interest to us metalheads as Dimmu Borgir ripped off the intro of that game in the 1996 release Stormblast. Needless to say that it was the best song on the entire album. Even if you didn’t knew what was the name of this chapter, it’s kind of obvious what would be the game most discussed on that evening.