Thursday, 17 July 2014

Chapter XVIII: The Gold of the Aztecs

It's very hard to feel the same sense of wonder as when we first started playing videogames. Growing up it’s obviously the main culprit but I'm sure there are other reasons. One of the most obvious ones is how easy and forgivable games have become. There are even games nowadays that let us skip parts of the games to just enjoy the story. What at first seems like a charitable thing to do, it just contributes to the feel that the game world isn't that big and while exploring everything the game has to offer we are emptying the mysterious space that used to be our imagination.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Chapter XVII: Mystical

One of the biggest life lessons that my cousin Walter the Baptist told me was: "when the first screen loads, always click first with the right mouse button". That "first screen” actually meant the crack intro, since we knew no games that didn't had it. The right mouse button was used to activate the cheat modes. And then it was that many decent games were ruined right on the day they were bought.