Saturday, 19 April 2014

Chapter XIII: Saint Dragon

During my elementary school years, I had two classmates that used to fancy me. It didn’t mattered to me, not only my heart belonged to someone else, but I also much more interested in playing football and video games. One of these girls name was Bree, and she was very shy. Her looks just didn’t make her stand out; not that she was ugly, she was just plain. With her chubby looks, big glasses and oversized clothes, it’s easy to picture her as a young Ann from Arrested Development. Who’s Ann? You ask.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Chapter XII: Narco Police

During the eighties and early nineties there weren’t any Portuguese gaming magazines which meant that we had to resort to foreign magazines for our gaming related reading. The three most common gaming magazines on the newsstands at the time were the British Amiga Power, the French Joystick and the Spanish Micromania. The prices of these magazines were also comparable to their quality, with Amiga Power being by far the most expensive, while Micromania was the cheapest. If I remember correctly, one issue of Micromania was the equivalent 1.5€ which was quite cheap, even for 1991 standards.